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June 4, 2015




Louisiana Legislature, with strong assurances from Col. Edmonson that "taxpayers won't have to pay a dime," passes legislation to fine uninsured motorists to fund 30% - 40% pay raises. 



October 21, 2015


A backlash develops when many people claim erroneous notices received are pure shake downs for money.   Collections from legitimate notices are indicated to be a pittance, thus making the funding for the pay raise a function of taking the money from some other area of the budget.



Burns obtains an estimate of the cost of the pay raises
on the LSP Unfunded Accrued Liability from Charles Hall,
who was uncomfortable in front of a camera,
ultimately pegged the future estimated cost at $45 million.
($370 million - $325 million, as he explains in the video).



October 26, 2015


The Louisiana Sheriff's Association endorses Democratic candidate John Bel Edwards for Governor.  The Association is the body who lobbied hard for Gov. Jindal to appoint Edmonson as LSP Colonel because he can "bring home the bacon to the Sheriffs."  It should be noted that a significant portion of the anticipated fine revenue referenced above was to be provided to local sheriffs across Louisiana.



November 17, 2015


The Hayride breaks an exclusive story on the behind-the-scenes cram-down nature of an unprecedented endorsement by the Louisiana State Trooper's Association of John Bel Edwards for Governor.




So, John Bel Edwards' extensive criticism of Gov. Bobby Jindal (as evidenced in the video in Act III of this scandalous play) notwithstanding, it appears Rep. Edwards is only too happy to continue Jindal's corruption train that he so despised and criticized as long as it benefits him politically!  Yeah, John Bel Edwards is a "new breed" of "conservative Democrat" all right.  It's the same old rank corruption, nepotism, and cronyism of the last Governor with a last name of Edwards!  In fact, many of his supporters are some of Edwin Edwards' strongest allies.   


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