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September 3, 2014

Tom Aswell initially reported extensive cronyism in Act VI of this play.  Thereafter, C. B. Forgotston introduced us to the LSP "49-5" Club, which entails retired troopers in the "Edmonson clique" being rehired at $49,500 to perform menial tasks such as running errands to get donuts, coffee, etc.


Late today, Tom Aswell revealed yet more EXTENSIVE nepotism!  The following table summarizes Tom's cumulative findings in that regard:


State Trooper Within Edmonson “Inner Circle” or Other Close Associate

Initial Rank and Salary Upon Edmond’s Swearing in as LSP Col. (same day as Jindal took office) – If Applicable

# of Promotions, Current Rank, Salary, % Increase and/or Other Examples of Nepotism, Cronyism, Etc.




Jason Starnes, voiced disdain for LA Voice’s video coverage of 7/16/14 LSPRB meeting (see ACT II)

Sergeant, $59,800.

Two; Captain; $81,250; 36%.

Tammy Starnes (Jason’s wife)


Hired from another State agency as Audit Manager (overseeing transactions, including her husband’s) on 1/8/14 @ $92,900/year (making their combined bilking of LSP total $174,150).

Paul Edmonson (Mike’s brother)

Sergeant, $63,500.

Two; Captain (position created); $93,000; 46%.

Charles Dupuy (LSPRB member)

Captain, $80,000

Two; Asst. Superintendent & Chief of Staff; $122,000; 53%.

Kelly Dupuy (Charles’ wife – they met via LSP while both served as troopers)

Sergeant, $59,800.

Two; Captain (position created); $80,500; 35%.

Jill Boudreaux

Deputy Undersecretary, $92,000.

In violation of Civil Service retire/rehire prohibition, on 4/28/10 “retires” and receives approximately $59,000 ($46,000, or 50% of then-$92,000 salary as an “incentive” + 300 hours leave, or $13,000).  Rehired 2 days later (4/30/10)  as unclassified  Undersecretary @ $118,600/year.  Remains in that capacity today.  Then-Commission of Administration Angele’ Davis demanded repayment of the incentive, but Davis resigned soon thereafter and her successor, Paul Rainwater, didn’t follow through on Davis’ demand.

Matthew Guthrie (Boudreaux’s son-in-law)


While working an offshore job from 4/2/12 – 9/9/12, was simultaneously on the LSP Oil Spill Commission as a “specialist” being paid $25/hour.

Dionne Alario, LA Senate President John Alario’s daughter-in-law


Hired in November of 2013 to “supervise” LSP personnel at a salary of $56,300/year.  Alario (quoting Aswell), “was able to  pull off the unlikely logistics of supervising Baton Rouge employees from her home in Westwego.”

John W. Alario, LA Senate President John Alario’s son


On DPS’ payroll @ $95,000/year as Director of DPS Liquefied Petroleum Gas Commission.

Danielle Rainwater, former Commissioner of Administration Paul Rainwater’s daughter


Hired as DPS “specialist.”  No salary information available.

Doug Cain


Hired as DPS Public Affairs Commander @ $79,000/year.  POSITION CREATED ESPECIALLY FOR HIM.

Kathleen Sill, owner of an apparent one-person consulting group.


”Consultant” placed on DPS payroll who received $437,000 in compensation plus $12,900 for 21 flights between Baton Rouge and her Columbia, SC home.


At the conclusion of Act III of this play, Robert Burns, an inactive CPA, made note of the continued declining health of the LSP retirement fund as evidenced by the Unfunded Accrued Liability (UAL) increasing from $199 million @ 6/30/08 to $323 million at 6/30/14.  This increase transpired despite the fact that the stock market is now at record highs (vs. tanking at 6/30/08); furthermore, the investment returns of the LSP retirement system have been, for the most part, exceptional!  So what's to blame?


While it is true that the failure of the State of Louisiana to fund its share of retirement contributions has certainly contributed to the UAL's steep rise, another contributing factor is the leaches outlined above who have been hired at (or promoted to) exorbitant salaries.  When these leaches retire, their pensions are vastly inflated, yet the contributions to fund their retirements come from rank-and-file troopers making far less compensation, who are left making futile efforts to "prop up" the retirement system!  It's a formula for disaster regarding the UAL.  It's not possible to load payroll systems down with the type of dead weight illustrated above via "consultants" and "supervisors" working from home in Westwego to, in theory, "supervise Baton Rouge employees," and have the impacts absorbed within the retirement system without serious adverse consequences to the system's UAL.  It's that simple!


As C. B. Forgotston has repeatedly emphasized, the whole table illustrated above is a taxpayer "rip off." This website was named from his characterization of the "Edmonson Amendment."  Regrettably, as Mr. Aswell and Mr. Forgotston have revealed via subsequent investigations, the "Edmonson Amendment" is a mere microcosm of a State Agency that has run amuck with cronyism, nepotism, and pilfering of what will eventually HAVE to be taxpayer dollars!  Those taxpayer funds will have to come from your average Joe working hard as a welder, carpenter, dentist, florist, etc.  I sincerely thank Tom Aswell and C. B. Forgotston for exposing all of this corruption and waste; however, at the same time, it is downright sickening to read, especially given this State's needs in terms of roads, education, etc.


When anyone complains about hearing people scream, "no more taxes," those doing the screaming can cite findings such as Messrs. Aswell and Forgotston have provided as the rationale.  People are simply getting fed up with providing their hard-earned tax dollars to state bureaucrats who flush those funds right down the toilet and do so in an utterly arrogant manner!


O. K.  I've done my "editorializing" for today!


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