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August 2, 2014


After C. B. Forgotston reports on Thursday, July 31, 2014 that a special meeting of the LSPRB is scheduled for early the following week, LSP retired troopers compile and send the following letters (Note:  3rd letter sent after word leaked that no meeting would even transpire):

LSP letter to ALL Louisiana citizens

LSP letter to the LSP Retirement Board.    

LSP retired troopers sent this letter directly to Col Edmonson imploring him to have the LSPRB litigate the matte



August 7, 2014


C. B. Forgotston, after having gotten the run-around regarding a scheduled LSPRB meeting to address the issue,  makes this post to his blog relaying there won't EVER be an LSPRB meeting to address the issue of litigation.  Mr. Forgotston provided the email addresses of the "gang of five" who have banded together to block any such discussion (thus rendering Executive Director Irwin Felps powerless if a majority of the Board wants to sweep it all under the rug).  The five are highlighted below but also included are other Board Members' email addresses (or designees or related parties) in order than anyone who may be so inclined may copy and paste them into the "to" line of an email and let your sentiments on the matter be known:


Irwin Felps (Executive Director):      ifelps@lsprs.org

Frank Besson (Chairman) frank.besson@dps.la.gov

Kevin Marcelkevin.marcel@dps.la.gov

Charlie Dupuycharlie.dupuy@dps.la.gov

Stephen LaFargeslafargue1214@gmail.com

Thurman MillerThurman.miller@la.gov

Bobby Smith:  bobby.smith@dps.la.gov 

Amy Matthews:  AMathews@treasury.state.la.us

John Kennedy:  jkennedy@treasury.state.la.us

Elbert Guillory (State Senator):  guillorye@legis.la.gov

Kevin Pearson (State Representative):  pearsonk@legis.la.gov

Andrea Hubbard:  andrea.hubbard@la.gov

Kristy Nichols:  kristy.nichols@la.gov

Col Mike Edmonson:  mike.edmonson@dps.la.gov


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