C. B. Forgotston's email to
 LSPRB Executive Director Irwin Felps, Jr.,
and all Board Members on Thursday, August 28, 2014






From: C.B. Forgotston [mailto:cb@forgotston.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2014 8:45 AM
To: ifelps@lsprs.org; frank.besson@dps.la.gov; kevin.marcel@dps.la.gov; mike.edmonson@dps.la.gov; charlie.dupuy@dps.la.gov; guillorye@legis.la.gov; jkennedy@treasury.state.la.us; Amathews@treasury.state.la.us; slafargue1214@gmail.com; kristy.nichols@la.gov; andrea.hubbard@la.gov; thurman.miller@la.gov; pearsonk@legis.la.gov; bobby.smith@dps.la.gov; kgann@lsprs.org
Subject: Open Meeting Law violation - RESPONSE REQUESTED
Importance: High


Members of the LSPRS Board of Trustees and others:

The new rule seeking to radically and unreasonably limit citizen input at your public meetings violates the letter and spirit of the Open Meetings Law.  Under the new rule, the proponents and opponents of SB 294 will be allowed only 15 minutes at 2 minutes per person.  Drawing names from a hat to determine who gets to testify is beyond the pale.  Such restrictions are "unreasonable" by anyone's definition.

Specifically, I call  to your attention LA R.S. 42:12 which expresses the Legislative intent.

The new rule is a direct attack against that intent.  As public servants you must accept the fact that you work for the citizens of Louisiana, not just Bobby Jindal and Mike Edmonson.  After weeks of delay it is time to allow the public and particularly the Retired State Troopers to have their say in full.  Since each of you is paid by the taxpayers a full hearing is NOT unreasonable. 

Additionally, I request that I be added to the email list for all public notices sent out by your board.

A failure to respond to my request by Noon today. August 28, 2014, means that you are refusing my request.

Finally, I encourage everyone to contact the board members and your legislators to demand the right to address the board on September 4 and in the future.


C.B. Forgotston, Jr.
Attorney at Law
Hammond, LA