Email from Sen. Dan Claitor (R-Baton Rouge),
Candidate for U. S. Congress from the 6th
Congressional District of Louisiana to LSPRB
Executive Director Irwin Felps, Jr. and
Members of the LSPRB relaying his
conviction that public comment should NOT be
curtailed and also that the meeting should
be streamed live over the internet


From: Claitor, Sen. (Chamber Laptop)
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2014 11:07 AM
To:;;;;; Guillory, Sen. Elbert (District Office);;;;;;; Pearson, Rep. (District Office);;
Subject: Open Meetings - Sept. 4 Meeting and Agenda
Members of the LSPRS Board of Trustees:
Please be advised that I join Treasurer John Kennedy and others that have contacted you opposing the  limiting of the number of speakers and the time each has to speak to 2 minutes.  For brevity's sake, be advised that I adopt the arguments of Treasurer Kennedy. Like the Treasurer, I suggest that a better rule would be to allow the Chairman to use his discretion to allow everyone who wishes to speak to be able to do so, while asking the speakers to make their points succinctly and respectfully and not to repeat themselves.
I also think it is only fair to stream the meeting on the internet, like the legislature, so people who can't be there in person can watch it.
Please take a very careful look at the issue before you, consider it fully, listen to the citizens and impacted members and follow the law.
Thank you for your consideration and public service.
Please provide a copy of this email and/or follow up fax to each member of the Board in advance of the meeting.
Senator Dan Claitor
District 16
Senate Finance - Health - Education - Judiciary A (Vice Chair)
Capitol Phone: 225-342-2040  *  District Office: 225-765-0206
Legislative Assistant is Sharon Hattier